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Meet Queen Bee, Nikki!

Meet Queen Bee, Nikki!


Our second installment of the Queen Bees features the lovely Nikki Wiedner. Nikki is a talented stylist at the ultra cool and environmentally friendly salon, Sage & Grace, in Worcester, MA. She’s the sweetest and kindest, and I always leave her chair feeling great and like I’ve just seen an old friend. She excels at making you feel confident about your hair, and will make sure to find a solution that is healthy for your hair type. She stays on top of the latest trends and techniques by continuing education classes, and is very knowledgable about safe products to use.

From Nikki:

I have been styling for 11 years, am licensed in several states, and I love performing blonding services. My guilty pleasure is men’s haircuts and grooming. It’s really fun to shape beards and create a comfortable environment for a guy (it could be his first time in a salon!). They always think it’s just for the girls. But after building trust through a consultation and pampering them just as much as my female clients, they leave on a completely different mood and are eager to come back. I love helping people enjoy their experience in the salon. I take an extra five minutes to massage everyone’s scalp during conditioning. I always offer refreshments or a neck rest or pillow to make sure my guests are comfortable because I feel so blessed and honored for my guests to trust me with their hair which is sometimes a scary challenge. I love making people feel and look their best- I truly do.

If you are in the Worcester area and need to get your #hairdid, Go see Nikki! Learn more about this Queen Bee below from our fun interview:

How long have you worked in the industry?

11 years

If you could go back and tell your 24 year old self something, what would it be? 

I would tell my 24 year old self not to sweat the small stuff so much. When you have a passion and drive for what you do and you genuinely care about yourself and those around you, everything works out the way it's supposed to.

What did you go to school for? Major, degree concentration? Trade school, technical program, or other type of certifications, etc!

After high school I enrolled in cosmetology school and became licensed a year later.

What inspires you? (can be a person, cause, etc.)

Every woman in my family. They all have taught me so much individually. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am. They are my biggest fans and my best friends.

What’s your favorite hair color process to do for a client?

I love any form of foiling. It’s so relaxing and I can let my OCD take over. I love making my foils look as neat and perfect as possible. Haha! it weirdly relaxes me.

Your “go to” hair styling product?

This is tough because I work with so many hair types and I like certain products for each type. I would say the product I use on everyone is Onesta Luma Oil*. It’s a light weight styling oil that gives impeccable shine and helps smooth out fly always. It also smells like a tropical vacation which I love!

*Note from Bee. This product is amazing. I use it on my hair (thank you, Nikki!) and it really improves texture, shine, and smells gorgeous.

What haircut trend or style would you say is popular right now? Any “most requested” styles by clients?

Right now everyone loves an undone bob. It’s usually cut with a razor to create soft edges and styled with loose waves for the perfect “I woke up like this” hair. It’s my favorite look.

Favorite cartoon as a child?

Toss up DOUG and DARIA


Favorite dinner that you cook?

Pad Thai

Favorite movie of all time?

Harry Potter (all of them)

Favorite comedian or comedy show?

2 Dope Queens

Favorite meme or GIF of all time?


Current music obsession? *

Atmosphere, J. Cole and always classic rock.

What inspires you? (can be a person, cause, etc.)

Every woman in my family. They all have taught me so much individually. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am. They are my biggest fans and my best friends.

Favorite meal to order at a restaurant?

Veggie burger, sweet potato fries and a beer.

Follow and see Nikki’s awesome work —> @curliron_maiden

Make an appointment with Nikki [here] or
call 508-752-1727

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